Friday, March 08, 2024

Wow, wasn't that a great State Of The Union?

Dark Brandon was in the House tonight! The Republican response from their Senator Kitchen Barbie was long and lurid - especially the way-too detailed gang rape anecdote with her whispery, overly-dramatic voice:


rumleyfips said...

The announcement of US troops building a harbour in Gaza struck me.

Biden told Israel that Palestine is not theirs to devastate. He told them that Palestinians are human beings with rights to food, water and medical care. He told them that US miliary personell will be there and by extention , don't kill them. All this without consultation or notification with Israel.

A lot of Canadian politicians , pundits, and bloggers need to give their heads a shake pay attention to Joeand start realizing that Palestinians are people not just targets.

Trailblazer said...


A lot of Canadian politicians , pundits, and bloggers need to give their heads a shake
May I say that the national post a USA controlled monopoly of Canadian print media is rabidly pro Zionist.
They are the Canadian PRAVDA of the old USSR.


Cathie from Canada said...

So I got an email from the National Post and I should have known better but I signed up for their Channel Israel weekly newsletter. I was hoping I would get some real analysis of what is happening in the Israel-Hamas War, with some evaluation of progress.
What was I thinking?
I got my first Channel Israel newsletter today. And how disappointing - it was just a random assembly of articles and columns which are already available in the National Post.
So I think I will keep subscribing for now, but I tell you that I'm not hopeful.

e.a.f. said...

Biden was/is a lot better than Trump. Trump just rambles on. Biden actually provides information.

The woman who gave the response, it was so bad I had to turn it off. Talk about a sexist set up, in the kitchen, waxing on, with her phoney smile. You'd think they got her from the back lot of MGM from their 50s section. If this is what they elect in the U.S.A., no wonder the country is in trouble.