Thursday, November 18, 2004


Rentogen's diary on Daily Kos described Seymour Hersh's recent talk at Hampshire College - Seymour Hersh at Hampshire College, blasts Bush
Lots of sound criticisms (Condi Rice is a "dimwit") and policy analysis. And at the end, this summary of future prospects: "Hersh was particularly bleak when outlining his thoughts about the future. His most important point is that Bush is incapable of changing course, and at this point we will simply have to wait for events to transpire. Europe has turned against the U.S. and will begin to act soon (after the upcoming election in Germany) to restrain the 'craziness' of the Bush administration. He expects they will move to settle the war in Iraq. The economic consequences of the turn against the U.S. will be severe. Europeans will start to avoid buying U.S. made goods. Soon the Chinese and French will begin to buy oil in euros rather than dollars, and there will be a big move away from the dollar as an international currency. Europe (led by Germany and France) will take over brokering a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The neo-cons still hope to invade Syria and Iran. They think it will be easy to knock off Syria. There is nothing to stop their trying (reality certainly won't stop them)."

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