Saturday, November 06, 2004

Comedy Carolyn 

There's a scene in every teenage horror movie that has one of the teenagers - usually the goofy comedian in the group - capering around laughing about how dumb they all were to be afraid of the supposedly-dead monster and how harmless the monster is now. And meanwhile in the background the monster is slowly coming back to life. As the music swells, the comedian's companions stop laughing and gradually adopt a horror-struck look and finally, the comedian says something like "hey, what's wrong? What are you guys looking at?" He turns around and --cue the music, eek! eek! eek! -- the monster strikes again!
I am reminded of this scene when I read about Carolyn Parrish insisting on her right to make cute remarks about George Bush -- Parrish earns PM's censure -- with Paul Martin and the rest of the Liberal cabinet adopting the demeanor of the horror-struck friends.

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