Thursday, November 04, 2004

Oh, lets have a laugh on all those loser dems! 

I presume that The Note thinks the nation's news media will find this funny -- ABC News: The Note:
"Friday, November 19: Exclusive: Shrum's first draft of the Kerry Senate floor speech in which he announces his co-sponsorship of the President's new multibillion-dollar request for more military spending in Iraq WITH NO TAX INCREASE OFF-SETS, because those, Sen. Kerry will intone, 'could cut off the economic vitality that is so needed to be as strong at home as we are abroad under this President's great leadership and (Note: the following is an adlib that does not appear in the Shrum text) who among us does not love economic vitality?' "
See, its such a clever play off Kerry's supposed quote 'who among us does not love Nascar', which Maureen Dowd made up and attributed to Kerry. Ha, ha, ha. And then there's this one:
"Monday, November 22: Behind the scenes at America Coming Together --who has stolen which data bases and lists and what do they plan to do with them?"
Oh, isn't it just too funny? Let's all have a good laugh about sky-high deficits and republican dirty tricks and all that stupid stuff the dems were so worried about. We're all in Bushworld now, where those things don't matter one bit. What, me worry? Ha, ha, ha.
Well, I guess we can give up any hope that the media, at least, would take a serious look at who won and why and what it means for the United States. Too busy laughing all the way to the bank, I guess.

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