Saturday, November 27, 2004

You've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn! 

When I saw this story in our own paper - Bush Tries to Restart Stalled N. Ireland Talks - I laughed out loud. The US government still thinks it has some kind of moral authority in world politics? Bush thinks that his own personal involvement in urging political reconciliation in Ireland will give Ian Paisley or Gerry Adams pause?
Sorry, folks, but after two years of Iraq and all its related unprincipled, hypocritical BS -- particularly Abu Gharib, of course, but also trashing Europe, fumbling North Korea and Iran, neglecting Africa, free passes for Pakistan and Sharon, undermining Powell, rejecting the World Court, rejecting Kyoto, allowing internal partisan theological politics to dictate foreign aid funding, and an overall pattern of incompetent follow-through for everything from AIDS to the roadmap to Darfur -- America's international credibility to tell anybody to do anything is gone.
And actually, I DO give a damn -- the world needs America's moral authority, but the Bush administration doesn't have any. Its just a damn shame.

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