Monday, November 22, 2004

Iran -- can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em 

Daily Kos :: Iran Suspends Nuke Enrichment; Brits Screw Up Bush Narrative
DHinMI from Daily Kos is exactly right with this entry on the recent announcement that Iran is suspending uranium enrichment -- "But instead of claiming success for pressuring the Iranians to agree to the suspension, Bush almost seemed disappointed at the news . . . nowhere in Bush's statement can one discern a sense of satisfaction or relief. No, instead it seems as if the administration is setting up another fake crisis. . . And now the Europeans screwed up their plan. The problem for Bush, assuming that he wants saber rattling over Iran, is that unlike two years ago with Iraq, this time the British do not seem as inclined to help the Bush administration jangle the cutlery."
My only question about this is the statement that Bush "almost seemed" disappointed? Try "is" disappointed.
This is exactly the same tone that the Bush administration took when Iraq tried to prove that it had dismantled its WDM -- disappointment and derision, instead of relief or hope, with the underlying narrative that of course, right-thinking people would be damned fools to believe anything those Ay-rabs say.

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