Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hillary vs Jeb 

Wouldn't that just be a spectacle?
There's all sorts of stuff on the blogosphere about how Hillary shouldn't run in 2008 and how Jeb has said he wouldn't run, and Josh Marshall has a post about how such a matchup would be too much.
But after thinking about the 2004 results and the reasons for them, I think this would be terrific -- the ultimate political version of Dynasty!
Commentators on this election are already saying that too many people in the US now think of presidential elections as just another reality TV show, where the main issue becomes whether they "like" or "trust" a candidate, with no relation to what that candidate actually says or stands for, that most Bush voters had mixed up Kerry's policies. Well, so what -- if so many people are ignorant, maybe ignorance is the new paradigm. Hillary could use "Stand by your man" as a campaign song -- she could blandly ignore all of the Whitewater attack stuff, and all of the right wing talk show hosts blathering on and on about it throughout the entire campaign would just mystify their listeners. As for Jeb, well, he would be burdened with every single bad decision ever made by the senior bushes.
And we'll have fun, fun, fun . . .

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