Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Today's News: Feeling so misunderstood

I don't understand why Alberta and Saskatchewan feel so misunderstood and persecuted and hard-done-by all the time. 

Fact of life: Canada's population is not fairly distributed across the country and it never will be. Most of our people live in Ontario and Quebec, with several million more in Vancouver. The Prairies have just 20 per cent of the country. 

Fact of life: A quarter of Canada lives here - in the Ontario Golden Horseshoe:

Fact of life: That's also where much of Canada's money is made, too - industry, banks, manufacturing, transportation, etc. -- though when it comes to the economy, this year the Prairies are actually expected to do a little better than anywhere else in the country:

Alberta and Saskatchewan, quit yer bitchin'! We're not living in the Red Wedding, no matter how much our politicians want us to trash the East.  We are, actually, great places to live (for most of the year anyway) with friendly people, beautiful scenery, a terrific economy. 
Please can't we just stop all this pissing and moaning and complaining?
Here's a thread of all of the UCP leaders condemning the act: Kenny has now resigned his seat: But here in Saskatchewan, this happened: The NDP here are being questioned for their support of second reading of the Sask bill - not an impressive start for the new leader Carla Beck: Three University of Calgary law professors describe how the Alberta and Saskathewan acts play games with the constitution: 
 ...Both represent attempts by provincial governments to usurp the role of our independent courts in mediating jurisdictional disputes between the federal and provincial governments. This is clearly contrary to the separation of powers between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government that is so fundamental to our constitutional democracy ...and should be rejected on that basis. 
The Sask NDP may be ok with the bill, but First Nations are not: Meantwhile, back in the real world, where real people live:


Anonymous said...

Very disappointed in the SK NDP. What the hell were they thinking backing an unconstitutional bill that's bad for their constituents?! You're not going to peel off any Moe supporters by going along with this farce and you demotivate your own supporters. Start acting like an opposition party instead of the Big Oil backup singers.


Cathie from Canada said...

I think I agree -- I'm not sure because I haven't heard why they did it but "fear of being ridiculed by the Sask Party" isn't a credible motivation even if you keep saying "but it was just second reading!"
And I wonder how much bullying the Leader's Office had to do with their own members, to force them to either vote in favour or not show up at all?

lungta said...

I think my departed moms "just a dog in the manger" comment would best apply to Cherokee Dan Kolodnicki.
Though in her defense she is just the next dog offered by the UPC for that particular manger and in the Alberta kakistocracy being "a dog in a manger" seems to be one of the main requirements for ministerial office.
Delusion is a hot second tho. Dani with her assimilated false Cherokee/Ukrainian heritage of convenience added to being in the most discriminated and abused group (non vaxers) gets the triple crown of victimhood added to poor (very rich except for blue mismanagement) Al waa wa alberta and dear dani is the empress with no clothes.
Masks?... they are still angry pants are mandatory.


Anonymous said...

You're right Cathie, the vote appears to have been whipped. Look, I get it, a lot of people have oil and gas jobs, and Estevan still breathes coal dust. But the party's got to be more than a door mat. It would be dead easy for the ON NDP to go along with Ford's scheme to allow construction in the protected greenbelt around Toronto. A lot of good, unionized construction jobs hang in the balance. But they voted against it and asked the auditor general to look into what appears to be Ford rewarding his rich, developer donors at the expense of the environment.

Like you say, fear of ridicule by right-wing extremists isn't a credible motivation for giving legitimacy to crooked power grabs. As Kaitlyn Harvey said, “No opposition, no amendments, no motions, no public opposition, no press releases, no consultation, nothing,” is a bad look for the NDP.