Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Today's News: It's another edition of "Christ, what an asshole!"

Elon Musk - he will be the gift that keeps on giving, at least until he has bashed Twitter into the ground: Elon's inner 12-year-old is emerging now: Everyone is declaring "their stance" about whether they will quit Twitter or not: Republicans - their reaction to the attack on Paul Pelosi is very telling, isn't it: And reading the story about what happened, I didn't think San Francisco Police exactly covered themselves with glory, either - when they burst into the Pelosi front hall, they couldn't seem to understand at first that an 82-year-old man was trying to fight off a guy waving around a hammer. 

Ford government - thinking they can use the Notwithstanding clause like an eraser as an easy way just to wipe out their incompetence and stop education workers from going on strike, instead of - like, you know - actually bargaining in good faith and reaching a contract settlement:
FluTruxKlan organizers - testifying this week at the Public Order Emergency Commission hearings: Houston Astros - because no matter how much MLB and the media try to play it down, there are millions of fans who will never forgive or forget the 2017 sign-stealing cheating scandal and it will always taint their World Series win that year. 
The Phillies fans were booing Altuve again tonight in Philadelphia because he was one of the players on that cheating team. Oh, I really want to see the Phillies win this series:

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