Friday, November 18, 2022

Today's News: Sometimes I wanna go Where a few hundred people know my name...

After ordering everyone back to work, Musk has now locked up his office buildings and ordered everyone to stay home for a few days. 
Nobody knows whether Twitter will reopen or just disappear. 
So the feeling on Twitter tonight is gloomy. 
I know Twitter wasn't perfect, but I liked it -- met some great people there, and I even got followed by a few hundred good folks too.  
I would be sad to see it all disintegrate.
So tonight I tried out my Mastodon account - here it is:  
It took me FOREVER to find where I could turn off the "dark mode" that Mastodon apparently defaults to - I find it too difficult to read white print on black background all the time - but I notice here when I embed a toot it is coming through in Dark mode still.
Anyway, for anyone interested in following me there, my Mastodon name is:
I will add it to the side column as soon as I can figure out how to do this. 
UPDATE: Just had to share this one, too:

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