Saturday, November 26, 2022

Today's News: FluTruxKlan hearings wrap up

Hey everyone -- first of all, please forgive the lack of posts these days - along with thousands of others, I have been searching for a social media platform to keep up with the day's commentary, as Twitter continues to implode into a racist hellhole. 
But the Twitter platform is miles ahead of all the other social media sits for a blogger like me - no wonder they had so many staff to keep it going. I have been using their Bookmarks, Lists, and Embed Post functions just about every day, and unfortunately the other social media sites just don't offer these features in such an easily usable format. 
I am still searching -- Mastodon does have some of the twitter features, but I am still finding it too clunky to use easily.  Tribel looks good but has no way to save posts so they can be retrieved later. Instagram and TikToc don't have political posts as far as I can understand them. Just yesterday I got accepted onto the Post platform, and it looks promising. 
Also, a large number of the people I follow now have their own Substacks or daily newsletters so this is promising too.  Many of them are navigating to the Post too, so that platform will be more useful I think.
Anyway, I will get it sorted out as soon as I am able. 

In the meantime, Canadian news yesterday and today was full of the testimonies at the FluTruxKlan inquiry (AKA the Public Emergency Order Commission). Overall, Trudeau and the other cabinet ministers and PMO staff did a good job explaining why they turned to the Emergency order to resolve the crisis last February:

This thread from pundit Scott Reid sums it up: I know it was a miserable time for the people of Ottawa, but as far as I was concerned the true justification for the Emergencies Act order was to stop the border blockades from destroying our international trade and our industrial ties with US manufacturers. '
Meanwhile, at the POEC hearings, the FluTruxKlan lawyers were obsessed day after day with trying to prove the Nazi flag didn't really belong to them -- did they actually think the only reason Canadians hated them was because some convoy hanger-on was waving a swastika? 
Their continual attempts to play "gotcha!" about the flag while refusing to deal with what actually happened in Ottawa and on the border became a bizarre piece of theatre: When I was watching TV yesterday I saw this interview with Flavio Volpe -- it was very useful to understand how businesses knew the terrible threat the blockades were having on our reputation and negotiating position for international trade, and the importance of the government showing it could take decisive action: Moving on to other news, I missed flagging this important piece earlier this week: Here are some more funny comments about Musk: Finally, I don't know anything about soccer - except its too bad the Canadian team lost on Wednesday, though it was a great effort -- but I did think this observation about the USA-England tie was interesting:


Anonymous said...

I thought the government ministers did pretty well, too. Refusing to waive privilege wasn't the most cooperative look, but that was their right and they shouldn't be criticized for it.

I would have like to see more focus on the role of Con leaders and operatives in providing resources and support to the "truckers." It was clear to me that the Cons saw this as their Jan 6th moment, and I think Bergen and PP should have been asked to testify and provide any communication between their staff and the truckers. Canadians need to appreciate that this was a Con attempt to take down a democratically elected government, not some lame vaccine protest by hairy-arsed truckers.


Cathie from Canada said...

As I recall, the Cons wanted "standing" at the hearings so they could ask questions etc and the commissioner refused them. So I can understand why they wouldn't have been called -- also, I would think it could be argued that they had no formal role in making the Emergencies declaration decision anyway.
However, in retrospect, I would have wanted to hear them explain themselves too.