Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Morgentaler madness 

I was going to let this go and just party today, but reading the drivelling hatred oozing from the nut-o-sphere this morning has delayed my plans.

I'm referring to the speech-warrior crowd, the people who stand up for freedom in our Stalinist wasteland, who freep the hell out of newspaper polls, who can't even spell the name of the person they hate, the folks who make sleazy references to Morgentaler's Jewish ethnicity.

Yup, it's all the old familiar faces. There's Binky, aggregating blogposts about the Mark Steyn auto-da-fé, now dutifully directing us to various vicious anti-Morgentaler posts. Funny how the taste for freedom dissipates when women's rights are at stake. Funny how the bigotry kicks in.

Even the
Globe & Mail, which crusaded early on for freedom of choice, carries today one of the most biased articles I have had the misfortune to peruse in that paper for some time.

Hed: "Outrage brews as Ottawa set to honour Morgentaler." (Whose outrage? Why, it's the usual suspects--the Church militant, the so-con nutbars inside and outside the House of Commons. Not the majority of us who are pro-choice and have found something else to celebrate today.)

Then the article: 2.75 column-inches devoted to Maurice Vellacott, MP, the fellow who was bounced from the House of Commons Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development for defending racist "starlight tours" cops. 2.5 column-inches for a spokesperson for the Catholic Civil Rights league. 5.75 column-inches for assorted other frothing "right-to-lifers."

Total: 11 column-inches for the anti-choice side. And less than 1.5 column-inches for the pro-choice side.

Fair and balanced.

But no fear. Henry's overdue honour is a slam-dunk. And tonight I'm going outside to watch all the exploding heads light up the sky. Should be quite a show.

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