Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photos from Scotland 

There is a bagpiper just outside the hotel who plays from 9 am til night -- it's actually OK now, we're used to it, but that first morning...
Anyway, Edinburgh is a beautiful city and we've enjoyed being here for a few days. Here are some photos:

On the train journey north, we stopped right beside the Queen's train. Apparently she was visiting some military barracks or something.

A view across the city to the firth, from the courtyard of Edinburgh Castle.

The dog's cemetery at the Castle.

Greyfriar's Bobby.

The statues are all very dignified -- except that just about every one we saw had a seagull perched on the head. If there is one sound I will remember from Edinburgh, besides bagpipes, it is the cry of the seagulls.

And it isn't all old and stuffy -- we thought this banana motif at an insurance office was hilarious.

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Home tomorrow!

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