Saturday, July 05, 2008

When the lobbyists scramble over the side... 

Shouldn't that tell you something?

Grab onto this for a second.

Ian Brodie shucked his job as the Prime Minister's Office Chief of Staff... effective July 1st.

General Rick Hillier, formerly the most senior serving member of the Canadian Forces, did what all regular serving members of armed forces eventually do. He sat there long enough, pulled up his trousers and decided he had had enough. Resignation effective July 1st.

Sandra Buckler announced last Thursday that she was leaving her job as communications director for the Prime Minister's Office. Effective date of leaving government to spend more time with the family? July 1st.

What are these people going to do with themselves? I mean, the adrenaline is still pumping and it will be for some time to come!

Ian Brodie.
Mr. Brodie did not give any indication of what he is planning to do.

Rick Hillier.
Fresh from running a war, Rick Hillier, who stepped down as chief of the defence staff this week, is temporarily joining Gowlings, a huge law firm in Ottawa, to consider a future “career in the private sector.” The general is not a lawyer and says he has not made any firm decisions about his future. Still, a statement provided by the firm said he “has indicated that when he assumes a new career in September, he is looking to provide strategic advice, leadership training and other consulting services.” And Gowlings can help him with all that. Does this spell lobbying? Certainly, Mr. Hillier's name and expertise in the defence world will add even more cachet to the national firm, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP.

Sandra Buckler.
Wow! Listen to those crickets!

So, the former PMO Chief of Staff isn't really sure; the former Chief of Defence Staff, not a lawyer, is joining Gowlings LaFleur Henerson LLP; and, the former communications director and former lobbyist is being as tight-lipped as she was when she should have been providing information.

Since Steve fixed government and imposed a five-year ban on people leaving designated positions and high office from lobbying, it would stand to reason that they can't go out and become lobbyists. Not for five years.

Or can they?

Oh! Look at that! The Lobbyist Registration Regulations, lovingly referred to as The Clean Lobbyist Act. And take a look at paragraph 13.


13. These Regulations come into force on July 2, 2008.

How fortuitous! The former PMO Chief of Staff, the former Chief of Defence Staff and the former PMO communications director escaped the force of Big Steve's cleaning up of the lobbyists by ONE. FUCKING. DAY.

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