Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Purple-shirted flatulence 

I have been following the blog of Times religion reporter Ruth Gledhill and the StandFirm website for news about the Lambeth Conference -- where the bishops of the Anglican Church are trying to figure out how appease their homophobic and misogynistic right-wingers.
Of course, as they are discovering, it can't be done.
First they tried to float some kind of "compromise" on ordination of women so that churches could somehow avoid having to deal with a woman bishop. Of course, this was a silly idea that was rightfully voted down.
Now they have come up with another plan, called a Pastoral Forum, which they think will somehow force Canadian Anglican churches to stop blessing same-sex marriages, and will force US episcopal bishop Gene Robinson, who is openly gay, to resign, while also tossing a bone to the librulls by stopping conservative African bishops from poaching US and Canadian congregations.
One commenter called this idea "purple-shirted flatulence".
And it ain't gonna work -- the conservative Anglican churches have already set up their own organization and they won't be stopped in their march backward.

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