Friday, August 27, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #8

I got a chuckle out of the last few minutes of the CBC At Issue panel tonight. So last night Jagmeet Singh implied he just might support O'Toole and the Conservatives instead of Trudeau and the Liberals if there is another minority parliament -- a petulant clanger of a remark, particularly galling after we all watched Trudeau and the Liberals create the most progressive government Canadians have seen since the 60s, and for which Singh could take almost no credit at all!
So in tonight's At Issue panel discussion, Andrew Coyne did his enthusiastic best to make a silk purse out of Singh's sows ear remark, by gushing about how great it would be if Singh could ally with O'Toole and "hold the Conservatives in check" - yeah, sure, that'll happen! 
And then Chantal Herbert gently reminded everyone that, first, the NDP voters would NOT trust O'Toole or the Cons on climate change targets, and second, NDP voters have long wanted the $10-a-day child care initiative which the Conservatives would never support, and, third, neither the NDP voters nor Canada's Indigenous leadership would be confident that a Conservative government would commit to Indigenous issues either. 
Then a dog started barking.... 

Here's some painful news - the polls aren't good. But I still have hope the Liberals can turn it around in the next two weeks -- they need to get going before people start voting at the advance polls and by mail:
Trudeau announced today he intends to hike taxes on banks and insurance companies to improve our tax revenue picture -- to the usual consternation from the financial sector who are making record profits but apparently these companies will all go crazy and take our economy with them if they cannot keep it all the money to themselves. Poor guys!
I don't think the Conservatives are going to get any traction with their "raise the flags" comments. At least, I hope not.
  The other news tonight was all Afghanistan (bad) and COVID (worse) -- just too many tweets and comments for me to gather together a sample grouping for tonight. So here's just a couple more random tweets that I liked: Yes


Gyor said...

a whomping 4% of folks consider childcare a priority, affordable housing is far more important issue and the NDP and Conservatives can absolutely make a deal on the issue.

Despite the best efforts of the Liberals, Erin O'Toole shifted so far left his NDP membership should be coming in the mail any day now (which to be fairly a huge blessing for the Bernier's PPC party).

So as a frequent NDP member and voter I'm absolutely okay with the NDP making a deal with the CPC.

Anonymous said...

Singh said, "We’ll look at that [a Con government] when it happens and make decisions that are in the best interest of Canadians.” That's a classic refusal to engage with a hypothetical, nothing more. If Liberal partisans spent less time attacking Singh and more time giving NDP voters a reason to vote Lib, they'd likely be cruising to a majority. As the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


Cathie from Canada said...

Oh Cap I hope so - Atkins was just so delighted with Singh's remarks and tweeted them out far and wide, because in 2019 he had indicated a refusal to work with Scheer. So I do hope he wasn't serious in what he was saying.
I think Hebert is correct in her assessment that Singh would lose votes to the Liberals, if he decided to support O'Toole. We'll see what those polls show in a few days.