Sunday, August 22, 2021

Election Funnies and Follies #5

I am absolutely terrified that Canada will again turn down a national day care program like they did when Layton torpedoed the Martin government. 
Even my own relatives were saying today that "Oh, but O'Toole has a day care plan too!" when he very much does NOT -- just a tax credit for people who don't actually need it. 
Its the Canadian working poor who need $10-a-day daycare, so they can take home more from their lower-income jobs, while their kids get better day care from the child care spaces a national program will create.

I do wish the Liberals could do a better job telling Canadians why they are seeking a majority government now. Parliamentary reporter Dale Smith explains the "toxic spring" we had this year: And I'm glad to see Trudeau strike back: And then I see something like this, and it makes me feel better too: And in other news:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing us the laughs and gaffes from the election. But trying to blame Jack Layton for the dismantling of Paul Martin's child care programme is a bridge too far. Don't take my word for it, here's Martin himself: “The Conservatives cancelled an existing, operating child care plan that had been signed by all 10 provinces and was under way.”

Another minority government looks increasingly likely. Gaslighting the party whose support you'll need isn't good strategy.


Gyor said...

As an NDP voter, it doesn't freak me out, Trudeau is finally hopefully getting what he deserves, he's a lier, a blackmailer, arrogant, corrupt jerk, who decided that when the world was trapped in the bowels of Hell was a good time to call an early election.

Calling it during the pandemic was one thing, calling when BC & the North & Siberia is on fire to the point where I can smell and see the smoke all the way here in Southern Ontario in the rural part of the GTA, is another. Bonus goof points for doing it while bumbling his way through the collapse of Afghanistan.

And no body but hard-core libs want this this election right when we're drowning in multiple crisises, and it's looking like Ragnorok out there.

And he's doubly screwed because Jagmeet is alot more experienced as leader and very popular and perhaps even worse for Trudeau is Erin O'Toole platform has shifted the CPC so far left it could have been written by Jack Layton's ghost. It's going to be nearly impossible to use the CPC as a boggy man to blackmail the voters this time into voting Liberal.