Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Election Funnies and Follies #6

So this happened: And Conservatives across Canada went batshit. 
Liberals smelled a rat - or at least, something a little odd: Then @gill_godwin sniffed out some relationships - between the public relations professional who was originally outraged that Freeland had chopped up her O'Toole "interview" where he made the truncated remarks about Canadian healthcare, and her friendship with Twitter's public policy manager who used to be a parliamentary assistant to Harper. So maybe this helps to explain why Twitter was ON IT!!! Dean makes an interesting point about the larger issues here: Trudeau has Freeland's back: In other news: Here's Ed The Sock's latest: Sounds good to me:
EDITORIAL NOTE: something went badly with my blog formatting, apparently due to one of the tweets I had inserted here yesterday. So tonight I had to delete it, sorry about that.


Gyor said...

I opposed Twitter doing this stuff to Trump, I oppose doing this to Freeland, and I & folks like Jimmy Doore and Nikos warned folks that it would blow up in the let's face, not the the Libs are the left, but my point still stands.

And doubling down on this video is a huge mistake, it'll just keep this issue in the media and make this thing worse for you.

To get out of a tail spin one has to stop panicking and think clearly, but that clearly isn't happening.

Cathie from Canada said...

Hmmm - interesting point. Myself, I think these platforms have to exercise more control over what is being posted, just like publishers are responsible for the Letters to the Editor that get printed in their newspapers. But I agree its a difficult task to undertake and the Libs have to get onto their own game instead of reacting to what the Cons are doing.