Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Election Funnies and Follies #1

Every day or two for the next month, I'm going to try to do a "funnies and follies round-up" of the election news and tweets that I find most interesting or hilarious or annoying or whatever. 
It won't be comprehensive, but sometimes it might be funny! 

First of all, I keep reading the media saying they just don't understand why Trudeau is calling the election. Its perfectly obvious to me: he wants a majority so he can pass the legislation the Liberals want to pass, for the benefit of Canadians, without the opposition parties continuing to try to gum up the works, slow-walk everything, raise pointless objections, and search for ways to undermine Trudeau's leadership. I'm sick and tired of it; its way past time for Trudeau to ask Canada for a new mandate.
Monday the media laughed at the Willy Wonka video and thought this election would revolve around Trudeau's vaccine mandate - and how O'Toole is disappointing people by refusing to require vaccinations -- but yesterday it started revolving around Trudeau's day care plan - and how O'Toole is disappointing people by telling Canadian parents to forget it, ain't gonna happen when he is PM. 
Basically, O'Toole is rapidly proving himself to be Not Ready For Prime Time. 
And the Conservative shilly-shallying didn't help the NDP either:
I wonder what O'Toole will decide to do tomorrow that will disappoint Canadians? 
And his "t-shirt man" booklet is going to turn out to be a treasure-trove of media stories -- it already started tonight with the sprinkling of miscellaneous tax credits and dinner coupons:
And now Dale Smith has found another one too - O'Toole criticizing Trudeau for the same health transfer policy that Harper had: I can hardly wait for what we're going to be talking about tomorrow.

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Gyor said...

"Voting NDP will get the Childcare program CANCELLED Just like in 2006"

if Liberals actually gave a shit about this, they'd have demanded he keep his promise of electoral reform instead of Trudeau lying about it so he can use our broken electoral to play good cop, bad cop and blackmail Canadians into voting for them again,in Canada's longest running extortion racket. I say no and it will be a cold day in hell before they get my ballot, if you give into bpackmailers, they just keep blackmailing and they own you until you say no.