Thursday, August 19, 2021

Election Funnies and Follies #3

Here's one thing I'm a little worried about - Canadian news media is mainly Conservative in their editorial stance, and while I do believe their reporters and editors are even-handed, its easy to find fault with the way that news stories get "framed" when reporters are deciding what and how to cover. Today, O'Toole was promising that the CPC would not be taxing home sales. He made it sound as though some other politicians might be suggesting this. But actually, nobody pays taxes on home profits now, and nobody is suggesting they should. 
The media covering his press conference did not point this out and ask him about what he was trying to imply. We also saw some deceptive advertising for the CPC's "holiday GST" promise, illustrated by a grocery store photo obviously implying this promise would save people on groceries. But actually, nobody pays GST on groceries now and nobody is suggesting they should.
Again, the media just talked about the promise but did not point out its limited usefulness. 

If there was one thing this pandemic convinced us to deal with, it is how we treat people who need long term care. That's why I am very glad to see the Liberals stepping up with some policy ideas: One of the big topics today was the CPC position on abortion. 
O'Toole swore that he himself is "pro-choice". Yeah, well, so what? - Canadians need to know whether he will allow his pro-live MPs or his Cabinet to bring forward federal legislation permitting provinces to regulate access to abortion. And that is a question O'Toole wasn't asked. The situation in Afghanistan getting covered, with election twists: Miscellaneous other stuff: Something to keep in mind, too: And - this is hilarious: And finally:

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