Friday, August 20, 2021

Election Funnies and Follies #4

I think that tracking the O'Toole Reversals will keep us busy I found out today that the Cons want to pass this stupid anti-Indigenous picketing legislation. 
They are  disingenuously attempting to criminalize only those awful, disruptive, controversial protests, the ones that endanger "critical infrastructure", not those nice polite protests that are actually OK. 
But of course any road anywhere in the country can be described as "critical" to someone, along with rail lines, pipelines, docks, etc.  
Its strikes me as such an overreach that the Supreme Court will eventually strike it down as against the Charter. But in the meantime, Indigenous and First Nations groups, and settler allies across the country will be getting arrested, and maybe also will be hurt, as protests are broken up because of this new law: Other issues: Here is today's funniest news report from the election trail - apparently now it is newsworthy when a random voter just smiles and nods at a party leader? And here's an idea:

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