Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Election Funnies and Follies #7

Latest polling: Tonight Frank Graves was also tweeting some hints about new polling coming out tomorrow, showing Conservative gains - at least, I SAW some of his tweets about this, I know I did. 
But I didn't save them and now I can't find them. 
So I don't know, maybe the polling has changed even in the last few minutes. 
But anyway, Graves has also been tweeting today about Singh's slip to the effect that the NDP might support a Conservative minority government -- a ridiculous statement that will not do him any favours with the faithful:
Other campaign stuff: A worthwhile discussion from Ivey Business School prof Mike Moffatt about the Liberal and Conservative housing platforms - click on the tweet to open the thread: The problem is, the Conservatives can SAY whatever they want, but will Canadians actually believe the leopard will change its spots so quickly? 
One theory I read today was that the Conservatives can tack left in this campaign without losing their base, who have such a visceral and irrational hate for Trudeau that they will vote Conservative regardless of what O'Toole says during the campaign. And how little respect would O'Toole and the Conservative brain trust actually have for any left-wing voters who might get taken in by his spot-changing lies? The Conservatives tried an Afghanistan smear about refugee visas but it didn't work very well: And I hope their attempt to start a Fox News-style feeding frenzy on Maryam Monsef for her using the term "brothers" to refer to the Taliban will not get any traction either:

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