Friday, December 23, 2022

Best Christmas TV ads

It's the most wonderful time of the year! -- or at least, its the time when companies actually put some thought into their television ads, and when ad companies do their best work too. Here are some this year that I liked.
John Lewis & Partners is known in Britain for their Christmas ads. Here is a great one, The Beginner:  

I gather a British clothing company called The Binge has a recurring "cat and dog" advert. Here is their Christmas one:

Moving to this side of the pond, Canada seems to have a "bird" theme this year. 
First, Tim Horton:

 Next, Air Canada:

 Here is one I liked too, from the American supermarket Kroger:  

Here is a great one from two years ago, from a German pharmacy chain:  

And this is likely the best Christmas ad ever done - British supermarket Sainsbury's 2014 ad, titled 1914:

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