Monday, December 05, 2022


From TG, this is the funniest summary ever of the #TwitterGate #TwitterFiles Musk-Tabbi story. 
I'm so glad somebody invented emojis:

  I am doing this as an image, rather than embedding the tweets, because the Twitter Bird needs to show.
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The Daily Mail reports that Musk is furious that his Friday story wasn't covered by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS or ABC. 
I think Tucker had a bit about it on Fox - of course. 
The New York Times is actually running an article Monday, in Section B, page 5.


Anonymous said...

I'm rather disappointed the Taibbi story didn't get picked up by the corporate media. Not the flaccid Hunter Biden dick pix part, but the part where Taibbi reveals that Twitter took down posts at the request of the Trump White House. Now that is a First Amendment violation, since it's the government censoring speech. There's no "both sides" to this - only government censorship violates 1A.


Cathie from Canada said...

As right-wing politicians keep telling us, they think they have a right to tell businesses what to do.
Legislatures DO have that right, when they pass a law about something.
I am not sure whether the Hunter Biden pics violated a law per se, but I think they did violate Twitter standards at the time. Likely it shouldn't have needed a request from the Trump White House to have them removed.