Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Today's news: Its a "Tridemic" now

I guess they're calling it a "tridemic" now -- the triple hammer of Covid, flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that is destroying our hospitals. 
This time, its the children: But we KNOW what to do to help people avoid getting sick - we just have to DO IT! The enduring tragedy of 2020-21 was the deaths of millions of old people due to Covid in Long Term Care facilities across Canada and throughout the world. 
And this is still happening - read this whole thread: In other news, the Georgia run-off is over and Herschel Walker, a man who isn't even qualified to work in a Burger King, almost made it into the US Senate. 
To me, this election demonstrated the Republican party's profound cynicism and disrespect of the electoral process -- that they could put forward such a ridiculous candidate as Herschel Walker as their standard-bearer for election to the Senate, just because Walker was a black football hero. They thought he might be able to siphon enough black voters away from the Reverend Warnock to let Republicans scoop up this seat. Luckily, they were wrong: Checking in on what's happening in Alberta, I see Danielle Smith is getting noticed -- by cartoonists! Speaking of cartoons, I think Twitter is really losing its mind now: Here's an incredible story - though I must say, in retrospect I cannot count the times over the years when I have heard simlar stories about divorces or break-ups, because threatening the supposedly-fragile male ego by becoming "too successful" was something our mothers and the women's magazines of the 1960s  warned us about: And here's an incredible thread -- a new author had an awful book-signing. Then Henry Winkler. who has a million followers, noticed her tweet and decided to encourage her.  And now more than a thousand people are cheering for her too, including some pretty big authors. This was my favorite response: Finally, here's some good news:


Anonymous said...

It's all very nice that they're returning the totem pole, but how are they going to hold the caber toss competition at next year's highland games?


Cathie from Canada said...

Hey, I never thought of that!