Sunday, December 11, 2022

Today's News: Yes, I am still wearing my mask

This is the time of year I gather cartoons and here are two that seem to represent what we went through in 2022.
First, the beginning of 2022:

And second, the end:

This is from this outstanding article by University of Waterloo statistician Bill Comeau, taking about the importance of wearing masks to combat the tridemic we are now dealing with. He concludes with these recommendations for where masks are needed most urgently now:
... the three C’s of Crowded places, Closed spaces, and Close-contact settings, and areas with greater vulnerable populations: schools, universities, public transit, congregate living, health-related settings like doctor’s offices, pharmacies, grocery stores, concerts and other mass indoor event areas, indoor weddings and funerals, and stores subject to crowding during holiday shopping season. It would be good if employers recommended workplace masking during this time as well. 
 For mask mandates to work, there needs to be strong and committed leadership from the top to ensure there is timely action and targeting, clear goals, transparent sharing of science and evidence, helpful public education, widespread and active messaging, and ongoing communication.
... No one step will solve everything, but as Yogi Berra might say, doing nothing accomplishes nothing.
Credit this tweet for alerting me to this article. I am glad that MedTwitter still seems to be functioning even as the rest of Twitter begins to collapse. Here is a photo I will never forget -- I first saw it in mid-2020, I think -- an exhausted emergency room doctor, kneeling on the floor, as he phones someone to tell them their loved one has died of Covid: We will be getting boosters and wearing masks for the indefinite future -- all the Covid revisionism and wishful thinking is not going to change that:


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Cathie, I'm still wearing my mask too. I went to the pool yesterday, but there was a swim meet going on. A couple of hundred kids and adults gathered on deck, and a few hundred more sitting in the stands. Nary a mask in sight. I was talking to one parent who said her kid's team had traveled to Montreal for a meet recently, and the whole team came down with "something like the flu." Needless to say, she wasn't masked. I felt like such a hypochondriac for wearing mine but I'm glad I did.

The denial of reality is phenomenal and it's clear to me that people judge risk by the measures public health authorities are willing to take. Without mask mandates, people falsely assume there's little to no risk even in crowded indoor settings. Our politicians are creating a generation that will be sicker and have a shorter life expectancy than ours. Given the effects of Covid on the brain, they may even be stupider, if that's possible.


e.a.f. said...

happy to hear you're still wearing your mask. Having lived in a time when we did not have polio vaccines, when covid arrived thought it might be good to be careful. A vaccine was developed but in the early days, some kids developed mild casses of polio anyhow. When covid arrived thought I'd pay attention.

When AIDS arrived in North America, we were told it was a "gay disease". Wasn't so sure and some one knowledgeable advised me, this is not a gay disease.
We know how that turned out. People caught it through blood transfusions, needels, etc. Its manageable today, if you have the medications. A lot of people died because of stupidity.

When COVID arrived, having read some english printed newspapers from China and suspected this disease was not going to end well for humans. Was wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer by the time it hit Vancouver Island.

People are complaining in B.C. that 6 children died recently. what did they expect only 20% of children have their flu shots. Kids go to school without masks. Many don't have covid boosters.

I made sure my ddogs and cat always had their shots. You really wonder how parents can let their children become and ill and possibily die. Unfortunatelky many people believe what they read on line and end up dying, which is their choice, but to let children die is unforgiveable.

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks for the comments - it is good to know that others are also making the mask decision too. There was a good chart in the Comeau article showing the effect of masks for people with Covid too (I thought about using it in my post, but I couldn't find a reference for when it was done or who did it.)