Sunday, January 01, 2023

Happy New Year!

To bring in the new year, I have gathered some of the funnier posts I saw over the last few weeks. 

First, some Conservative politicians seem to be ending the year with a bit of regret right now. I think either they are realizing that pandering to the worse elements in their party isn't actually going to improve their electoral chances, or else they are getting the jump on the Convoy Retrospective media pieces we are going to be seeing come January: Maybe Scott Moe has been listening: I don't think Poilievre really gets it just yet: A few other random political comments: There is truth here: Some of the funnier tweets I read recently: Advice for happy marriages: The annual "#altHallelujah" chorus: Isn't it great to live in Canada? Sweet Dreams: And finally, to ponder in 2023:

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