Saturday, January 14, 2023

What a week!

Sad news from all over today: In other news, one has to wonder how incredibly stupid will this get? Increasingly, I am convinced that Garland will never have the courage to indict Trump for anything - I doubted he would do it even before the Biden documents were announced, but now it would likely be impossible. Oh well.... 

And WTF is this? I don't suppose anybody thinks that negotiations might be worth trying, for cry sake? 

On a lighter note, here's some funny stuff to enjoy this weekend. 

First, an excellent point!
Next, a thread about the fun of hate-watching Jurassic World, which I think I actually went to see in a theatre back in 2016 and it struck me as pretty dumb at the time -- if I am remembering it correctly, one of the dumb things about it was that the woman who was supposedly the manager of the dinosaur park spent the whole movie with carefully styled hair, full makeup, and high heels: Oh, and here's some more tweets that made me laugh: Dogs, bruh! And a palate-cleanser:

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