Friday, March 12, 2004

Another media circus coming up 

CNEWS - World: Woman denies charges in C-section case This may be a "thin edge of the wedge" issue which turns out to be about the state forcing women to have surgery to deliver babies. Then again, it may be a case where a baby died because of a parent's negligence. I am waiting to hear more.
Having had two sections myself, they are no big deal, really. And even if it was a more dangerous surgery, I cannot understand why anyone (woman or man) wouldn't have surgery when told that their baby's life depended on it -- why would anyone think of this as a "choice"? Now, no one could forcibly hold her down for surgery -- but once she decided not to have it, and then the baby died, of course she will be charged with negligence, just like anyone would be whose inaction caused the death of someone else.
That's my opinion anyway; I could be wrong.

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