Thursday, March 25, 2004

Republican means never having to say you're sorry 

washingtonpost.com: Media Notes Extra: "In an age when seemingly everyone wants to score partisan points (see Clarke, Richard), proceeding on the basis of what's good for the country seems old-fashioned, almost quaint. But we could use more of it in this snake pit of a capital."
Once again, the only time Kurtz complains about the tone in the Capital is when the Dems are the ones scoring the so-called "partisan" points -- look at that Clark, for heaven's sake, apologizing for 9.11 -- what a boor!! Only a secret closet Democrat would actually be sorry for the deaths of 3,000 Americans! And for the good of the country, of course, the Dems should quit telling the truth and go back to being mealy-mouthed losers -- that's what America needs today.

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