Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It's Paul Martin's Liberal Party now, not Chretien's 

John Ibbitson's column "Chr├ętien assails Martin in a most diplomatic tone"
Well, here I go again with Ibbitson -- honestly, I bear the man no ill will, but he's been around Ottawa for too long, I think -- "The problem with Paul Martin's decision to effectively run in opposition to the Liberal Party is that the Liberal Party could decide to run in opposition to him." Bunk! Chretien is NOT the Liberal Party anymore, as much as he may want to believe it. And if Chretien wants to embarass himself by sniping away from the sidelines and making cutsey speeches about how well he would have handled the sponsorship scandal, let him blow -- Martin should welcome this, because it will remind Canadians exactly why they were so disgusted with the Chretien's duck-and-cover style, and so happy to see Chretien go. Martin is cleaning the stables, a Herculean task, and yes, it gets a little messy sometimes.

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