Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Oh, give me a break! 

Yahoo! News - 1913 law could foil plans for gay marriages in Mass.
Looks like someone in Massachusetts is trying to come up with some spanners to throw into the works. This is ridiculous -- first of all, the Mass supreme court said that gay marriage was constitutional This trumps the other laws of the state unless those laws specifically address the constitutional issue. Particularly irrelevant are laws which have apparently been ignored for 90 years. And this "bride" and "groom" quibble is silly -- after all, does anyone care now whose name goes in which slot? And likewise the "mystery" of what to do about the german measles test -- if state officials want to get bitchy about it, men can be tested for german measles exposure just like women can.
The whole story is just another example of what gay people have to put up with.

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