Monday, March 29, 2004

Shorter John Ibbitson: I'm shocked - shocked! - that parliament would do some business 

John Ibbitson How much more 'in extremis' could things get?
First, let it be said that I know nothing about the Flemish Cap issue. But neither does John Ibbitson, apparently, though he doesn't let this minor fact deter him from heaping sarcastic scorn on parliament for passing a motion last week dealing with Canadian sovereignty over this area of the Grand Banks. Instead of dealing with issues which actually affect the day-to-day lives of thousands of Canadians, I guess parliament is supposed to be dedicated 24/7 to pounding the government over the sponsorship scandal, and how dare they do anything else. Particularly, how dare they vote on an issue which, to understand it, would require John Ibbitson to actually do some research, like phone a few people in Newfoundland and find out what the issue is so that he could so inform the rest of us.

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