Monday, March 29, 2004

Who audits the auditors? 

Liberals brace for another report from auditor who exposed sponsorship scam: "After striking political gold with Fraser's Feb. 10 report on a relatively tiny advertising program, opposition critics are giddy with anticipation about potential foul-ups in a $7.7 billion program. "
The Conservatives had better remember that those who live by the sword die by the sword too.
Of course, after years of Mulroney court cases, when the RCMP and the Justice department went nuts sniffing out a scandal that wasn't there, I guess I can understand the Conservatives trying to get a little of their own back.
But I think the Auditor General has to tone it down a notch -- as a taxpayer, I don't think we should be so hysterical about every single dollar spent -- I don't want to be spending a thosand of my tax dollars making sure that a hundred dollars is properly spent. Perhaps next time, the Auditor General should audit the government auditors, to make sure that we haven't gone so audit-crazy that half of our civil service is being paid to audit the other half.

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