Thursday, March 11, 2004

I wonder when the lies will start 

Boston Globe / Mud tossed at Kerry might stick to Bush I wondered when someone would notice this. Kuttner's article points out that all the RNC talking points about Kerry can be applied more truthfully to Bush (rich kid, inconsistent, etc) I think these attacks will fade away, because even the more-conservative talking heads are noticing them.
So over the next seven months, what are the Republicans going to do? I think they will start lying about Kerry. And they will try to get some blog or media outlet somewhere to print it so then it will become "news", and everyone else can print it, too.
And I think the lies will be personal ones, because who really cares about dreary, complicated, obscure Senate debates a decade ago. But sex, drugs, rock and roll -- now there's something that people can sink their teeth into. So the lies will be personal lies -- cowardice in Vietnam, for example (I think this one is already out there), or drug addiction or alcholism or surfing porn sites on the net. Or something steamy about his wife or kids. Or that he's being investigated for stealing money or that he once joined the Hells Angels or made a donation to a serial killer defense fund or applied for a sex change operation. Or maybe it will be a whisper campaign about illness, that he's hiding cancer or the like. Or maybe some so-called former friend will get onto the talk shows about how Kerry cheated him in some business deal. Or maybe there will be a press conferences to announce that Kerry is being endorsed by his good friends Larry Flynt and Heidi Fleiss.
And actually, I should shut up, because I wouldn't want to give anyone any stupid ideas.

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