Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Old bums exit there; new bums enter here 

UPI: Chalabi's road to victory So, it took 600 American deaths, 3000 troops legless or armless, likely more than 10,000 Iraquis killed, and tens of thousands injured, just so Ahmad Chalabi, another man with a moustache, could take over in Iraq.
UPI writes "Chalabi, barely a year since he returned to his homeland after 45 years of exile, has emerged as the power behind a vacant throne. He also appears to have impressive amounts of cash at his disposal and a say in which companies get the nod for some of the $18.4 billion earmarked for reconstruction." And exactly how is this guy ever going to win an election? He can't do it. So if he becomes Prime Minister, as this article says is likely, a free election will never actually be held in Iraq. But you can bet that the US army will turn over to Chalabi all the prisons and the torture chambers which they have never actually closed down. Chalabi will need them, because otherwise he would not be able to hold on to power.
Oh, its just too depressing to write about anymore. . .

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