Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Kerry: "ready, trustworthy, creative" 

Liberal Oasis "Memo to Staff: Help Frame Kerry" is a terrific piece. LiberalOasis: Archives For The Week of March 7, 2004
Kerry is not complicated or nuanced, he is
-- “professional”
-- “prepared”
-- “responsible”
-- “thorough”
-- “patient”
-- “steely”
-- “steady”
-- “ready”
-- “creative problem-solver”
-- “doesn’t talk down to the public”
-- “can handle complex challenges” (world problems can be complex, just not the candidate)
-- “believes in facts, not bluster”
-- “trust with life-or-death decisions”
Great stuff -- I would support the "ready, trustworthy, creative" line -- hope Kerry or his staff read LO..

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