Monday, February 08, 2010


I just couldn't stand it anymore.
You know what I'm talking about -- those awful, borderline offensive ads that are on website after website.
Those teeth chomping into a sugar cube. And more teeth glowing green.
That fat woman in a bikini, lying across the middle of every page.
And the before-and-after photos of some man's hairless torso.
So I finally installed an adblocker.
And it works -- they're gone! Beautiful. Of course, now Kos is trying to guilt me into subscribing.
But that's a small price to pay.
It occurs to me that the dominance of personal hygiene and dieting ads isn't going to prove to be a particularly attractive or substantial economic model for the internet, is it?
When you buy a magazine like Macleans or Chatelaine or Time or Rolling Stone, the ads are national brands with some substance to them -- cars or fashion, appliances or insurance.
When the only companies which advertise on websites are touting whiter teeth and thinner bodies, its like they think the only people reading the blogs really are pajama-wearing slobs with Cheeto breath.

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