Friday, February 19, 2010


Saw Jon Montgomery win gold in skelton -- he didn't let the pressure get to him, and THAT is the gold medal achievement.
And sorry, Russia, but there is no way that Plushenko deserved the men's figure skating gold over Lysacek for landing a quad jump. One comment summed up the differences:
Evan had better spins, faster and more complicated, with more difficult positions. Evan had superior footwork sequences, massively superior transitions and skating difficulty between the jumps and a better choreographed program, while Plushenko stood still and gyrated his hips as if he was Katarina Witt. Evan had BETTER jumps! Aside from the shaky quad combo that Plushenko landed, he was out of position in the air and barely landed several of his jumps. Every single one of Evan's was perfectly clean, including his two triple axels. And Plushenko thinks he should have won because of one jump?

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