Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic commercials 

At his Fourth-Place Medal blog, Yahoo Sports blogger Trey Kerby says this is quite possibly the best Olympic commercial ever

Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that there is something great about this year's crop of Olympic commercials -- I've seen each of them a hundred times and I am not sick of them -- in fact, some of them I actually enjoy -- BC Tourism's "You gotta be here", and Coke's hockey crazy, and Air Canada and RBC's little man, and even Walmart's hockey mom and that hockey dad with a twist, where the kid is teaching Dad to skate.
Don't miss Maclean's "Morgan Freeman vs Donald Sutherland " mashup.
The only Olympics ads that are really starting to annoy me are Chevy's talking cars, mainly because what they're talking about is really BORING! But then again, what did I expect from a talking car anyway?

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