Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party on Robson 

What a great shot on this morning's Globe and Mail webpage showing Robson Street Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.
Juggler David Aiken - a.k.a. The Checkerboard Guy - performs two shows a day. Mr. Aiken said the atmosphere at Vancouver's Olympic epicentre is electric. A veteran street performer, he said it's a joy to watch people from different nations converge in one spot and enjoy one another.
"There's a palpable feeling of patriotism, but not in a bad way," the spectacled performer said after a lunch-hour show. "People from Canada and Germany and Denmark are coming together and wishing the best for everyone."
We always liked "Robsonstrasse" -- we like to stay at the Blue Horizon when we can. Next to Davie, it's one of Vancouver's most liveable streets.
UPDATE: Correction made -- Vancouverites identify the photo as Granville Street. But we still like Robson, too!

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