Thursday, February 11, 2010

New York 

So my sister has been planning for the last year to get to New York for the Westminster Dog Show -- some travel for the sightseeing or the restaurants, she travels for the dog shows, she's been to Crufts in England, to California a couple of times, she almost got to New Orleans until Katrina happened two weeks before the dog conference was scheduled.
Anyway, of course she was worried the last few days about the snowstorm and flights being canceled and all that.
Well, she left this morning -- and got right through. Just 15 minutes late landing in Toronto, just half an hour late leaving for New York -- Air Canada flies 11 times daily to New York, and eight of their flights were canceled today, but hers was one of the other three -- she said they had a rough landing at LaGuardia, but now everything just fine and no bedbugs in her hotel either.
She's on a roll!

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