Thursday, February 18, 2010

More, more, give us more! 

Here it is, day seven and the complaining starts about whether Canada is going to win enough medals.
Yes, our terrific athletes will win lots of medals.
No, as a country we aren't going to beat the Americans or the Germans and maybe not even the Russians or Norwegians either. Finishing fourth would be an excellent finish for Canada and third would be tremendous.
The New York Times has a very interesting graphic about Winter Games Medals which shows how much the US has been improving over the last several Olympics -- not surprising, considering their population, their competitiveness, new sports like snowboard and halfpipe, and the quality of their coaching and athletic facilities. The next country which is going to come to the forefront in medals is China.
And I wouldn't be surprised to see India really start competing in the Olympics someday too.

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