Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the Games begin 

Wasn't it neat to see so many happy, cheering people greeting Wayne Gretzky and running pellmell after his truck as he carried the torch through downtown Vancouver, even though the rain was pouring?
And an estimated 150,000 people were lining the Vancouver streets today for the end of the torch run.

Here are some opening ceremony photos.

I was glad these athletes did not leave the Games.

Protesters were there too -- police said 1,500 protesters, Ubyssey said 5,000.

Was there actually an attempt to provoke a riot? Vancouver police seemed to think so:
Protesters intent on provoking police moved to the front of the line and began throwing traffic barricades around. Their tactics then escalated as they sprayed vinegar in officers' eyes, threw sticks, and spit on members.
And earlier on Friday, protestors at the torch relay struck a blow for anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism by preventing some Canadian veterans from welcoming the torch into Victory Square. As one commenter said:
I believe in the right to protest but when I watched the protesters block the Olympic torch from being brought to the cenotaph in Vancouver today where the Veterans were waiting I was really disappointed. These veterans asked what they could do for their country and their moment was taken away by a group of people who are asking what their country can do for them.
Stay classy, folks.

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