Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics grit 

In the New York Times Olympics Pictures of the Day, here is this great shot of Jeff Pain during men's skeleton training.

Here's the women's curling team as they defeated Japan -- coming back from a 0-3 deficit.

The inspiring story of today's Olympics was this one:
Slovenia's Petra Majdic said Wednesday's bronze in the women's sprint classic was like an Olympic 'gold with little diamonds' after she suffered a bruising tumble into a rocky stream just before the start.
The 30-year-old fell three metres down a bank and onto rocks after slipping in the warm-up, but still managed to battle through four rounds to finish third behind Norways's Marit Bjoergen and Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk of Poland.
"It was Slovenia's first medal, which is why I think I fought so hard," she said.

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