Sunday, February 21, 2010

Misbehavin' women 

Over at Kos, blogger Angry Mouse has a brilliant post that absolutely demolishes every single argument the IOC has thrown up to bar women from ski jumping.
One fact that I hadn't realized was that ski jumpers who are smaller and lighter will jump farther -- so this means women ski jumpers may well beat the men if they are ever allowed to compete. Now, far be it from me to entertain a conspiracy theory, but could this explain why the IOC has been so stubborn on this issue?
Dick Pound's remarks were particularly offensive:
So will the IOC approve women's ski jump for 2014? "We'll have to wait and see," IOC member Dick Pound said in an interview for an MSNBC.com documentary on women's ski jumping, Frozen Out of the Olympics. "If in the meantime you're making all kinds of allegations about the IOC and how it's discriminating on the basis of gender," he warned, "the IOC may say, 'Oh yeah, I remember them. They're the ones that embarrassed us and caused us a lot of trouble of trouble in Vancouver, maybe they should wait another four years or eight years.'"
Nice little event you've got here, girls. Be a shame if we delay approving it until all of you rabblerousers are too old to compete ...

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