Monday, October 03, 2022

Today's News: Winter is Coming

First tonight, what the heck is going on in Britain? 
The  new Truss government seems determined to destroy the British economy in the name of some looney libertarian conservative craziness, while the British people are facing horrific heating bills and mortgage bills this winter. This is the same kind of so-called BS "freedom" that Poilievre talks about - yeah, the freedom to underpay people, to cheat customers, to discriminate, to fire staff without cause, etc. 
I thought these tweets made some good points, too: Moving to the Russia Ukraine War, winter is also coming to that part of the world too. We don't know how desperate Putin will be to claim he is winning.
In The Daily Beast, David Rothkopf writes that Putin must go:
...the world can’t be stable as long as the man who controls the planet’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons is one whose power is unchecked at home, who shows such contempt for both international law and human decency, and whose ambitions are so untethered to reality.
Justice also requires that Putin leave office. He is a serial war criminal, one of the worst the world has seen in the modern era. He has laid waste to a sovereign nation. He is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands. He has embraced the language and practice of genocide. His armies have committed war crimes. Mass graves attest to his brutality. What is more, his crimes are not limited to the human suffering he has unleashed upon Ukraine. Other violations of fundamental laws and myriad atrocities can be traced to decisions he has made—from Russia’s leveling of Grozny in Chechnya to Russia’s active support for and participation in horrors in Syria; from the invasion of Georgia to Putin’s murderous campaign against dissidents within his own country.
...When President Joe Biden said of Putin in May, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” it was followed by a swift “clarification” from the White House that the president “was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.”
But as we have gradually come to learn, Biden’s seemingly spontaneous comments on crucial issues of international policy to which he has devoted decades of study—whether they concern Putin or Taiwan—are not gaffes. They instead are expressions of common sense, acknowledgements of reality that diplomats may wish were unspoken, that cannot be the “official” policy of the U.S., but that are signs that the president understands clearly the reality on the ground and U.S. interests.
That is good because tiptoeing around the threat posed by Putin, hoping that accommodating him would lead to moderation in his behavior certainly has not worked.
Here is a fascinating thread on Putin's nuclear weapons threat: In tonight's war news,  we are reading about how Ukraine is driving toward Kherson and encircling Russian occupiers as they go, as well as continuing to advance in the Donbas: Kos says tonight there are some reports Ukraine had liberated Dudachny, as well as claims of Ukrainian forces breaking through toward Beryslav, which is, Kos notes, "location of one of Russia’s concentration filtration camps. (I dread to see what investigators will find once it is liberated.)" 
Just to gain some perspective, here's a tweet remembering how this war started 7 months ago, compared to what is happening now: If this war isn't stopped in the next 6 weeks, I wonder how many Russian troops will freeze to death, just for Putin's monstrous ego: The uniforms never existed; the generals spend the money on villas in Italy. 

Finally, on a lighter note, how about a hug?

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