Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Today's News: I think we know where this is going

If there are any two politicians in Canada who always know which way the wind is blowing, it's Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford. 
So today Trudeau stood behind Ford and held a straight face -- didn't even roll his eyes once -- while Ford talked about how he had stood "shoulder to shoulder" with Trudeau during the enactment of the Emergencies Act in February.
As Tammy says, its a crock. 
  But it demonstrates that it WAS necessary for the Trudeau government to bring in the Emergencies Act and that Ford knows it.
Its only Day 4 of the POEC hearings but it is clear even now that something drastic needed to be done about the FreeDumb Convoy (AKA FluTruxKlan), not just in Ottawa but across the country, because they did not intend to leave. And -- as they had also demonstrated during the pandemic -- the provinces were not up to the job.
Hmmm... quite a change in tune for Dougie: As much as the Conservatives and their media are still trying to assert that the Emergencies Act was just an "over-reaction" by Trudeau, they can't make the case. 
The hearings are showing the FluTruxKlan never intended to follow the usual pattern of holding a protest on one or two days in a weekend, then going home: And it was more than just the annoying horns:
Also, Canadians on the whole didn't support what the FluTruxKlan was doing, even in Alberta: A true Heritage Moment! A fascinating thread: Here are a few of the posts in this thread:


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In a typo in the first sentence it reads Rob Ford and should read Doug Ford.

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