Thursday, October 20, 2022

Today's News: Updates

Just a short one tonight. 
 First, about the POEC hearings: And some of what we are hearing is just BS: CSIS, on the other hand, says this: An interesting point here: I know what was happening to people in Ottawa during the FluTruxKlan occupation was terrible -- here is an excellent list of everything the FluTruxKlan put them through.
But I think it was the border blockades that really caused the most trouble for the country as a whole -- senseless, chaotic, jeopardizing the economy, shattering international relations. The border blockades ranged from 3 days at the Pacific Highway Crossing in Surrey BC, to 18 days at the Coutts, Alberta crossing, and included 6 days at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor Ontario and 6 days at Emerson, Manitoba. 
It was nuts, nonsensical -- even if Canada had been willing to let unvaccinated truckers into the country, the United States was not, so Canadian truckers would still have needed to get vaccinations before they could cross the border.  This made it impossible to negotiate an end to the blockades. No level of government - municipal, provincial, federal - could meet the FluTruxKlan demands because they didn't make any sense.
But nonsense never stopped the FluTruxKlan!
And it was the border blockades that really made this into an international story.

Next, about the nutty events in Britain: And some amazing comparisons between the British and Canadian politicians:

Finally, about recent events in the Ukraine Russia War: \

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