Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Christ, what an asshole!

Back in 2006, blogger Charles Lavoie did a post to assert that all New Yorker cartoons would still be just as funny with the caption "Christ, what an asshole" and everyone was surprised about how well that works. It works with most cartoons and it became a meme. 
So I was reminded of this again today when I saw these posts on Twitter -- they could all just be summed up with the phrase "Christ, what an asshole!" 

 First up -- Putin, of course! Alberta premier Danielle Smith: And Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe: The Saudis: Elon Musk: I know which one my money is on! 

Nova Scotia RCMP are in the news again: This guy thought he could just run a bank out of his house -- what could go wrong? And Toast the Cat:

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